Summer Camps

Every summer the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum in conjunction with the Colonial Quarter of St. Augustine offer kids fun and exciting summer camp activities.


DSCF0338_1 Have your child delve into the lifestyle of glorious days gone by in our week long Pirate Summer Camp. Kids will learn pirate themed games, experience the real history of pirates, visit the world famous St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum, and even learn how to create their very own pirate outfit which they can proudly show-off to all of you parents at our end of camp Pirate Party hosted by a real pirate captain!

You can also have your little explorer dig into the past in our week long Archaeology Summer Camp. Kids will learn the scientific background of digging up the past, they can create their very own artifacts and discover artifacts of their own. Camps will visit two real museums to see what becomes of these artifacts and how we learn about our past by what we discover today. Our last day of camp is our Dig Party hosted by our very own Archaeologist / Explorer!

Camps are offered several weeks during the summer for your convenience. For information on dates and availability contact our camp coordinator at the number below.

“I have been working summer camps and teaching over 27 years and I have to say this was the best field trip we have gone on.┬áThank you so much. I look forward to coming there myself when I can take my time and read!”
- Coach Eric Dubisky, Loretto Summer Camp, Jacksonville, Fla.

"It is when pirates count their booty that they become mere thieves."

- William Bolitho